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  • kroger feedback for 50 fuel points
    September 19, 2019, 14:40
    How does Kroger fuel focuses work?
    On the off chance that you had won any fuel focuses, you get $1 off per gallon on your fuel buy up to 35 gallons in Kroger fuel program.
    With every 100 fuel focuses, you can get $0.10 per gallon
    You can mean 1000 fuel focuses on your dependability card.
    Accessible on Kroger Turkey slope and shell stations.
    The amount I can save money on 10 Gallon Fuel?
    Utilize these adv,antages, on the off chance that you used to fuel a more significant amount.
    For 10 gallons, on the off chance that you have 100 fuel focuses you can spare a sum of $1 on your bof stockglect to recover fuel focuses in the earlier month. Presently need to reclaim, How to do it?
    There is one-month expiry for your fuel focuses
    You can reclaim your fuel focuses just on a couple of outlets like shell fuel stations and Kroger turkey slope
    To recover your fuel focuses, check you are in addition to the card and enter your substitute id to siphon fuel and reclaim fuel rebate.

    How to Check Kroger Fuel focuses?
    From kroger.com you can deal with all your record subtleties from one dashboard.
    In here, you can check what number of focuses accessible, reclaimed, earned with an expiry date
    With the assistance of Kroger portable application, all these data are available in the versatile use as well.

    What number of fuel stations does Kroger have?
    Over 1200+ fuel focus accessible with Kroger grocery store and 700+ comfort stores with fuel

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